Honor American veterans with Bricks of Honor

A personal monument of service in the heart of Indianapolis.

Why do we place bricks?
When men and women protect our freedom, will we stand ready to place a marker of their courage and strength?

Bricks of Honor are lasting tributes that honor the memory of individual American veterans. All the bricks are located on the circle surrounding the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

Your contribution provides a visual demonstration of your commitment to the brave men and women who have guarded our freedom for generations.

A brick can be purchased for $125. Each brick represents a tax deductible charitable contribution. It will be engraved with the service member’s name, rank, branch of service and dates of service. Bricks are prepared and installed on a quarterly basis, as weather permits.

Military seals

Purchase a Brick

Any past or present member of any American military branch with honorable service is eligible to have a brick placed commemorating their service. Bricks may be purchased by anyone or any organization.

ProtectedBricks are specially protected, ensuring that engravings make a lasting impression throughout time.

LocationYou may request the location on the circle where you would like the brick before it is placed.

InstallationFriends and family can participate in a pre-scheduled ceremony in downtown Indianapolis, when the brick is installed.

ReplicaSouvenir Bricks of Honor may be purchased for $50. Souvenir bricks (3 x 1.5 x .5 inches) serve as mementos for service member families and provide a constant reminder of the brick set on the circle.

Locate a Brick

Bricks of Honor are installed in the heart of the city at Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. Use the Bricks of Honor Locator to find where the brick of a particular veteran lives and download our map to guide your visit.