Korean War Memorial

The Korean War Memorial is one of two cylinder limestone and granite sculptures designed by Indianapolis architect Patrick Brunner.

The other sculpture honors veterans of the Vietnam War. The convex side of the Korean War Memorial, which faces the street, includes excerpts from letters written by Indiana soldiers to their loved ones at home. The concave side lists the names of men and women killed during the war.

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Fast Facts

Fast facts

The memorial is engraved with the names of 927 Hoosiers killed in action during the Korean War.

Fast facts

Individual names are placed on the stone in chronological order, based on date the service member perished or became classified as missing in action.

Fast facts

The Korean and Vietnam War Memorials were dedicated together by Governor Evan Bayh in 1996.

Fast facts

The Korean War Memorial is 12 feet in diameter and 25 feet tall.

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