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By Brandon Raymer

I have lived in Indiana all my life and I had never explored our state’s capitol or the beautiful Indiana War Memorials Historic District. So recently, my girlfriend and I used the Pocket Sights App to take a tour of the monuments, memorials, and parks that are part of this amazing treasure in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.

The app was easy to download on my phone and helped guide us through the multiple monuments and memorials recognizing the service of Hoosier veterans. Directing us from site to site, the app provided a small description of each site which was extremely informative and helped us understand the significance of each point of interest. One of my favorite stops along the tour was the Indiana War Memorial and the Indiana War Memorial Museum, which I encourage everyone to visit.

I found the app easy to use and great way to see and understand these important landmarks. We started our tour in the American Legion Mall around 9:00 am on a Saturday and were able to make a whole day out of the experience. We enjoyed our tour and hope you will use the app to see and learn more about these inspiring landmarks.

I encourage you to download the Pocket Sights App to take your own self-guided tour.