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The Indiana War Memorial and its adjacent properties (University Park, Veterans Memorial Plaza, and American Legion Mall) will be without power on June 15. Note: The Soldiers and Sailors Monument will be open that day from 10:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m

The tragic events of September 11, 2001 changed the United States forever. Our way of life changed dramatically on that day. And, like other historic tragedies, if you’re old enough to remember the events of that day, then, you can never forget the 2,977 souls that perished and the more than 6,000 people who were injured on U.S. soil.

While we all remember the gallant efforts of our First Responders in the days and weeks that followed 9/11, it is important to note that since that day, more than 5,000 U.S. military service members have paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend the freedom we cherish as Americans. Nine Hoosiers perished that tragic day, including Lieutenant General Timothy Maude, U.S. Army. He was the most senior military service member to lose his life that day and the highest-ranking officer to die by the actions of a foreign enemy since U.S. Army Lieutenant General Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr. was killed during the Battle of Okinawa in June 1945 during World War II.

In 2011, on the tenth anniversary of September 11, a memorial was dedicated in downtown Indianapolis to honor all those who perished, responded to the tragedy, and defended our freedom. The Indiana 911 Memorial is located on the Canal at 421 W. Ohio Street and recently came under the purview of the Indiana War Memorials Commission. 

 As the twentieth anniversary of that fateful day approaches, an expansion to the memorial is planned, to help us never forget those who perished and to honor those who served. The planned expansion includes:

  • Placement of the Pentagon stone. Made entirely of Indiana limestone, quarried from the world-renowned limestone deposits near Bedford, Indiana, the 800-lb. stone was part of the wall from the Pentagon that was damaged in the attacks on 9/11. Its permanent placement within the Memorial following its dedication in 2021.
  • Planting of the Survivor Tree. Adding to the legacy associated with the Indiana 9/11 Memorial will be the planting of the Survivor Tree, a sapling of the tree that was found at the bottom of the rubble at Ground Zero. Provided through the 9/11 Memorial and Museum in New York, the Survivor Tree embodies our nation’s spirit of hope and healing, strength and resilience in the wake of the attacks.
  • “Never Forget” Wall. Overlooking the White River Canal, the words “NEVER FORGET” will be etched into the foundation, made from Indiana limestone, as part of a 10-foot expansion of the Memorial.
  • There will be recognition of the service of Lieutenant General Tim Maude. 

9/11 was a day this nation will never forget. Your generous contribution to the Indiana 9/11 Memorial will play an important role in funding the expansion of the Memorial and help preserve its rightful place as a destination for all generations to visit, reflect and honor those who responded on that fateful day and those whose lives were lost on Sept. 11, 2001. 

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